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Central heating

central heatingWhen the exterior air temperature drops, central heating systems are greatly appreciated and are a basic need. The purpose of these heat providing systems is to warm up an entire building, while newer warming systems allow a portion or a specified number of rooms or areas to be warmed at a given time. A step up from the regular central heating system, is the HVAC system, which offers heating, ventilation and air conditioning. This is an all-year round system and is suited to hot summers and freezing winters.

The fundamental difference between localised or local heating and a central heating system (temperature control system) is that warmth is dispersed evenly throughout the entire interior of the building, which allows the whole home to remain at the same, constant temperature. With local heating which entails the use of a plug in heater or a fireplace, only one room is heated. For central heating you will require the services of a plumber.

At the centre of the central heating system is a boiler and this is where heat is produced for the system. The boiler will require some annual maintenance and occasional repair, something which is carried out by a professional plumber or heating engineer.  To obtain heat, burning of fossil fuel is usually carried out and the main heating system will either use water pipes or air ducts to circulate the warm or heated air throughout the complete home. The system uses water pipes and hot water is dispersed along pipes and through to radiators which are located in every room of the home or building. When air ducts are used, hot air is forced through air ducts which in turn heat the air and create a warm and comfortable temperature all through the building’s interior.

In most European countries, where winter temperatures hit the below freezing mark, a reliable and functioning warmth generating system is a necessity – and during the coldest of months, central heating engineers and local plumbers are in huge demand.  Many homes in the United Kingdom use their heat system as a means to generate and store hot water for use in the home.  The hot water which is produced by the in house system is then piped to the homes appliances or taps.

You can find more information about plumbing and central heating systems by visiting Wikipedia central heating.