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My aerial is not working – what do I do?

Posted by admin in TV Aerials

digital tv aerialThere are many other reasons why your TV aerial may not be working.  Water may have got into the contacts, the contacts may have corroded, or it may be that you are using the wrong type of aerial.  If you have tried all of the usual methods of scanning for programmes, tuning in and orienting the aerial in the direction of the transmitter, it may be that there is a problem with the aerial itself.

If you are installing a new aerial, make sure that all of the connections are firmly in place, including the one on the back of your television.  In the event of your aerial suddenly ceasing to function, check all of the connections and make sure nothing has changed.  If you have an outside aerial, it may have shifted slightly and pulled a wire loose, so check these connections as well.   Check all the outdoor connections for corrosion and clean them if necessary.  Greasing connections can help protect them from the elements, but only do this if you are sure you will not affect the performance of the aerial.

The outdoor aerial should always be orientated in the direction of the nearest television transmitter, so make sure it has not moved in the wind.  In particular, if you live in a high wind area, fix the aerial firmly to the chimney or side of the house using stainless steel screws which will not corrode. Indoor aerials should only be used where the signal strength from the transmitter is sufficient to be able to cope with potential interference from other domestic appliances and computers.

AerialsIf your outdoor aerial has become bent or the components are worn, it may be time to buy a new aerial.  If you purchase a new aerial and it does not work, you should check that it is the correct kind of aerial. For example, have you purchased an analogue aerial when you have a digital television? Most aerials come with full installation instructions and advice.  They will be clearly labelled as to whether they are analogue or digital.  Most stores have customer advice personnel who can help, but if you are purchasing an aerial on line you may need to do some research to find out what type of aerial you need.

There will be professional aerial installers in Sheffield, or your own area if you do not want to attempt the installation yourself.  Look in the local directory for tradesmen who specialise in the repair and maintenance of aerials.  When you move home, probably one of the first things you want to do is make sure that the television is working, not least to keep the kids quiet while you get things organised. You may be lucky enough to just plug the aerial into the socket and it works straight away, but if not, further investigation will be required.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Max Jennings runs his own business fitting aerials in Birmingham and writes extensively for the web. For more information, you may want to visit the RDI-LB website or the CAI website.

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